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Kohler Hart Powell, SC, one of Wisconsin’s finest criminal defense law firms, aggressively defends clients who have been accused or charged in federal and state criminal matters. At Kohler Hart Powell, SC, our attorneys are licensed to practice in various states before multiple federal, state, and appellate courts. When it comes to your defense, you deserve to be represented by the highest quality legal representation available. Turn to the skilled Appleton criminal defense attorneys of Kohler Hart Powell, SC to provide you with superior legal assistance as you face criminal charges.

The attorneys of Kohler Hart Powell, SC understand that we not only fight for your legal rights, but for the future of your reputation, family, and career opportunities as well. The Appleton criminal defense lawyers of Kohler Hart Powell, SC will work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected, your interests are safeguarded, and your entitlement to a fair legal proceeding is maintained.

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In practice since 1977, Marty Kohler has developed a reputation as a talented and tenacious litigator, and has been consistently recognized by his peers as a leader in criminal defense. Over the last three decades, Marty has successfully handled thousands of cases, from white-collar offenses to arsons, sexual assaults to drug conspiracies, and virtually everything in between.

Marty is especially well known for his work in homicide cases. He has represented hundreds of homicide defendants, and built up a remarkable record of acquittals, a number of which have involved confessions by the accused. Contrary to the common adage that “if you kill someone, you go to prison,” Marty has on several occasions been able to obtain probation for defendants who have been convicted of homicide. more>>

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