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Appleton accountant stole $1M from company

Thirty-seven-year-old Appleton resident Jenissa Carlson is scheduled to appear in court in October in regards to six felony counts of theft in a business setting and four counts of forgery, allegations brought against her from her former employer, the Appleton Post-Crescent reported.

According to Outagamie County prosecutors, Carlson used her accountant position to steal over $1 million from Service Motor Co., a local farming equipment company, to indulge her online spending and cover credit card debts. The investigation into the matter started in March 2013 when the company’s president James Sommer realized checks addressed to a vendor were missing–Carlson had re-addressed them to herself to pay off debts.

Carlson apologized to Sommer via letter and sent him a cashier’s check for $6,089. She will plead not guilty.

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