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5 Common DUI Myths

Facing a DUI charge can be one of the most distressing and frightening times of your life. This is a serious offense that can affect your professional career, personal relationships, and reputation. If you are convicted of these charges, you can face prison time, fines, community service, and the loss of your driver’s license. Unfortunately, there are a number of prevalent misconceptions that can lead an individual to take actions or make statements which harm their case.

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Widely Held Misconceptions

Myths surrounding DUI charges can greatly impact your perception of the charges and your future could be at risk as a consequence. The following are some of the most widely held misconceptions:

Myth: Blood alcohol content is a great way to measure how impaired you are to drive.

Fact: If someone has built a tolerance, he or she is less impaired at certain blood alcohol levels than others.

Myth: Just one drink increases your likelihood of being involved in a car accident

Fact: There is no proof that verifies this statement.

Myth: Breathalyzers are the best tool to measure BAC.

Fact: Blood alcohol content level varies from person to person and breathalyzers are prone to providing inaccurate readings due to a variety of factors.

Myth: Drinking coffee will help one to sober up so that he or she can drive safely.

Fact: The only true way to get rid of alcohol in your body is time.

Myth: Bigger people can handle alcohol better and are fine to drive.

Fact: There are many factors that determine alcohol’s affect on an individual

Contact a DUI Attorney in Appleton

If you have been charged with DUI in the Appleton area, you may be facing many questions about your legal rights and options. You should not have to go this alone, and our experienced Appleton Criminal Defense Attorneys may be able to help you and your situation.