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Bulletproof Vests and Criminal Charges

United States citizens have certain rights to protect themselves from physical harm. Along with the right to own a firearm, citizens also have the right to own a bulletproof vest that he or she can use to protect themselves. A bulletproof vest or other body armor item can save your life if you find yourself stuck in a violent situation, but unfortunately, owning one of these vests can also increase your punishment if you are convicted of certain criminal charges.

Criminal accusations against you can have a devastating impact on every aspect of your life. If you are charged with a violent crime, owning a bulletproof vest could significantly increase the degree of your punishment. If you feel you have been wrongly accused of a violent crime, you need someone to protect your rights. Contact the Appleton criminal defense attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. at 414-271-9595 today to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Crimes Upgraded by Bulletproof Vests

In 2009, there were a reported 1.3 million violent crimes in the United States and 14,533 in the state of Wisconsin. You have the right to protect yourself against these crimes and owning a bulletproof vest should be a reasonable means of doing so, not an indication that you are a criminal. However, if you wear a bulletproof vest in the state of Wisconsin while attempting or committing any of the following crimes, your charges may be upgraded:

  • Robbery
  • Assault or battery
  • Murder
  • Arson

Those facing criminal charges deserve the help of a tenacious attorney. You need to know your rights as a citizen so contact us today so we can help protect them.

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If you have been charged with a crime that has been upgraded by the presence of body armor, you are not alone. Contact the Appleton criminal defense attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. at 414-271-9595 today to learn more about how we can help you defend yourself in this difficult situation.