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Child Abuse Law

Crimes against or involving children are considered to be among the most serious offenses an individual can commit. Because of this, all states strictly enforce a number of laws and legal regulations in regards to child abuse. By knowing what the laws concerning child abuse consist of, you are better able to protect yourself and those you care about.

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Understanding Child Abuse Laws

While each state has the ability to set its own rules, guidelines and restrictions concerning child abuse law, the following information can help you understand the basic legalities of child abuse offenses:

  • Child abuse can be physical assault, mental abuse, sexual abuse, or a number of other activities that are considered harmful to the mental and physical health and development of a child.
  • Professionals who work with children are required to report any suspicion of abuse. This includes doctors, dentists, mental health professionals, daycare administrators, nurses and social workers.
  • Depending on the state, clergy, foster parents, attorneys, and any individual with exposure to the child may be legally required to report the suspected abuse.
  • An individual found guilty of committing child abuse could face jail time, probation, and the loss of parental rights or custody.

These restrictions and regulations exist to help keep children safe and hold adults accountable.

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