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Dog-fighting is an activity in which dogs are bred, trained, and conditioned to fight each other for the entertainment of spectators. The dogs are often abused throughout their lives, and the fights can leave a dog seriously injured or can result in the death of the animal. Dogs that are injured too badly to participate in subsequent fights are often killed. Dog fighting is punishable as a felony in every state.

Dog-fighting has historically been considered solely an animal welfare issue. However, recent studies have shown relationships between dog-fighting and a variety of other serious crimes. For example, statistics suggest that:

  • Those who abuse animals are significantly more likely to commit violent crimes than those who do not abuse animals.
  • Many people involved directly in dog-fighting are also involved in other criminal activities, such as organized crime, violent gangs, or drug trafficking, and many illegal activities take place at the dogfights themselves.
  • Children present at dog-fights may learn insensitivity to suffering, an enthusiasm for violence, and a decreased respect for the law.
  • Dogs involved in dog-fighting are highly dangerous and aggressive toward other animals, and in some cases, against humans, especially small children.

For these reasons, it is not only highly illegal to participate in dog-fighting, but in many states, it is also illegal to even be present at a dogfight.

Wisconsin Dog-fighting Laws

In Wisconsin, criminal offenses related to dog-fighting include:

  • Organizing or participating in a dog-fight (a felony offense)
  • Attending a dog-fight (a misdemeanor)

Both dog-fighting and attending dog-fighting matches are punished severely in Wisconsin.

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