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Ecstasy Possession

Known casually as “ecstasy,” the drug MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) belongs to the amphetamine drug class and is known to induce euphoria and eliminate anxiety. Like in many countries across the world, ecstasy is illegal in the United States, and those found in possession of this substance could face heavy fines as well as jail time if convicted of drug possession.

If you have been charged with possession of ecstasy or any other illegal drug, you could be facing serious repercussions that may impact every area of your life. To speak with a skilled legal professional who can help defend you from these accusations, contact the Appleton drug possession defense lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. today at 414-271-9595 and get started on your case.

Drug Possession Laws in Wisconsin

Along with other illegal drugs such as LSD and heroin, ecstasy is classified as a Schedule I drug in Wisconsin because of its danger of use and high risk of addiction. Thus, if you are convicted of ecstasy possession, you may face extensive consequences, such as up to three and a half years behind bars and fines up to $10,000.

However, if this is your first drug possession offense, you may be able to qualify for a conditional discharge by serving a term of probation. On the other hand, your sentence may be increased if you have a criminal history or were caught with the illegal substance on state, county, or city property.

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If you have been charged with possession of ecstasy, you need a skilled legal representative on your side to help you through this trying time. Take action today and contact an Appleton drug possession defense lawyer of Hart Powell, S.C. at 414-271-9595.