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Failure to Appear

It is a violation of the law to fail to appear in court when appointed to do so after receiving a traffic citation or other order mandating your presence on a given date and time. Failing to appear may result in an arrest warrant, fines, and other penalties. It can involve a traffic court appointment, jury services, a civil case, or a criminal case.

You Can be Penalized

Regardless of the outcome of your traffic violation or criminal charge, you can be penalized for failing to appear in court. In other words, even if you are found innocent or have your charges dismissed you can still be fined or face jail time. In some jurisdictions failure to appear is held as a jurisdiction. So long as the court has your failure on file they can issue a warrant for you arrest.

Clearing Your Record

In order to clear a failure to appear from your record you would have to pay the original amount, if you were summoned for a citation, in addition to the penalty fees for the failure to appear.

Criminal Court

Individuals who are facing criminal charges and fail to appear will be arrested. Once apprehended you could be required to post bail or be denied release prior to the conclusion of the trial.

Call an Appleton Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have failed to appear for a mandated court appearance then you may need the assistance of an accredited attorney. Contact the Appleton criminal defense lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. at 888.565.7597 to determine the best plan for a successful defense.