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Juvenile Assault and Battery Crimes

Because statistics show that juveniles who commit assault and battery crimes are more likely to repeat the offenses as adults, courts are generally very tough and strict toward juvenile offenders. Any attempt to violently injure or threaten someone else could be considered juvenile assault and battery and can result in serious consequences. Unfortunately, a juvenile assault or battery conviction could be very damaging to one’s reputation and future.

If you or your loved one is facing a wrongful assault or battery charge, you need an experienced legal representative to fight for your rights. At Hart Powell, S.C., our Appleton juvenile criminal defense attorneys can represent you in court and fight for your freedom. To schedule a consultation with an aggressive attorney, contact us today at 414-271-9595.

Possible Juvenile Assault or Battery Actions

Generally speaking, assault and battery are typically any attempted violent action with the intent of harming another. This can be any action with a weapon, your body, another object, or even a simple threat to cause harm to another. Some common forms of juvenile assault and battery include:

  • Fights or confrontations on school grounds
  • Altercations or physical violence at sporting events
  • Fights with girlfriends or boyfriends

Any of these actions could lead to a juvenile assault or battery charge. However, sometimes an emotionally-charged encounter can lead to assault or battery accusations that are simply untrue. If you have been wrongfully accused, seek a legal professional today.

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