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Shoplifting is a simple crime, but it can occur in varying degrees. People often hear stories about children shoplifting candy from a store. Local news shows often provide stories about local incidents of shoplifting.

The truth is that anyone can shoplift. People may shoplift small things, like candies or toys. People may also shoplift bigger things, like clothes, jewelry, or electronics. Regardless of what is shoplifted or how much is shoplifted, shoplifting is a crime. As a result, if people are caught shoplifting, they can face problems that any other criminal may face.

Shoplifters will likely be arrested, unless they are young. Moreover, they may also face criminal charges depending once again on their age and maybe on their past criminal history as well. Additionally, people may also have their names put on a national criminal database that employers or others may check.

Some people have kleptomania, which is a compulsive desire to steal. When such people are caught and identified as kleptomaniacs, they are given some sort of medical help. But not all shoplifters are kleptomaniacs. Some shoplifters may steal because they do not know better. Others may steal because of peer pressure. Still others may simply need what they are stealing but cannot afford them.

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Shoplifters can face serious criminal penalties. They may face jail time, fines, as well as a bad mark on their reputation. If you have been accused of shoplifting, contact the Appleton shoplifting attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. by calling us at 414-271-9595.