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The Difference between Jail and Prison

One defining characteristic that separates criminal cases from civil cases is the degree of punishment defendants could potentially face. Often, people charged with a crime are sentenced to some amount of incarceration. One common misconception about this, however, is that jail and prison are interchangeable. This is, in fact, not true, as there are differences between the two.

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Jail Versus Prison

The majority of people believe there is no distinction between jail and prison, but there are differences. Jails are run by individual counties, whereas prisons are operated by higher levels of government, such as the state and even federal government. Because of this, there are many more jails throughout the state than prisons.

Jails are also used to hold individuals who are awaiting trial or are serving sentences for less than a year. If you are potentially facing jail or prison time, you need to make sure you speak with a skilled legal representative today.

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