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Theft and Burglary Laws

One of the best methods for avoiding serious criminal convictions is by knowing your rights and the laws which influence everyday life. This is certainly the case with crimes involving burglary and theft. By knowing what common laws are associated with these criminal acts you are better capable of taking measures for the protection of your personal freedoms and those of your loved ones if you have been arrested and charged with a related crime.

If you or someone you love has been accused of committing a crime involving theft or burglary, the Appleton criminal defense attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. may be able to help. Contact our office today at 414-271-9595 to learn more about your options from an experienced attorney prepared to defend your rights in your time of need.

Common Theft and Burglary Laws

There are a number of common legal restrictions which prohibit the acts of theft and burglary. These include the following:

  • Theft is considered the taking of another person or entity’s property. It is a term for stealing, and can entail the taking of a wide variety of items. The most common form of theft is shoplifting.
  • Burglary is the breaking and entering into a structure without permission for the purpose of committing a crime. This crime need not be theft, and burglary is often committed independent and separate from theft.

The above are considered criminal offenses. If you are found guilty of either of these then you could face serious legal repercussions.

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