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UA Test Complications

If an individual commits a crime, he or she may face fines, jail time, or probation if convicted. Persons who are on probation or are on parole for crimes committed are generally required to follow a strict program in order to remain free from incarceration. Such programs often include wearing a monitoring system, following a curfew, staying away from certain activities, checking in with a parole officer, and submitting to urine analysis (UA) tests.

UA tests often serve to show that individuals on parole are not using alcohol or drugs. Judges may require that parolees abstain from the use of such substances to prove that they are committed to rehabilitating their image in society. Failure of a UA test may result in revocation of parole status and other serious legal action, so it is important to make sure that the tests are correct. If you have been the victim of an incorrect or contaminated UA test, contact the Appleton probation and parole attorneys of Hart Powell, S.C. at 414-271-9595 today.

Possible Urine Analysis Test Problems

Possible problems that may lead to incorrect UA test results include:

  • Failure to correctly administer the test
  • Contaminated containers
  • Failure of the testing equipment
  • Incorrectly performed tests on the sample
  • Failure to properly seal and transport the sample
  • Switching of samples or testing of wrong sample at the laboratory
  • Intentional sabotage of the UA test

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If you have been accused of violating your probation or parole due to a failed UA test, contact the Appleton criminal lawyers of Hart Powell, S.C. at 414-271-9595 to discuss your legal options.