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Understanding Manslaughter

While there are many types of crimes that are associated with the death of an individual, manslaughter is one of the most commonly discussed and considered. It is important to understand that the crime of manslaughter has many differences from murder and homicide.

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Components of Manslaughter

Manslaughter is a legal term used to describe an act in which one person causes the death of another. Specifically, it applies to situations in which:

  • A death occurs after the victim provokes the accused into killing
  • Death occurs in an act of self defense
  • The accused is charged with killing an individual, but there is a clear lack of malice
  • The accused is cited as being responsible for a death although they had no clear intention to cause the loss of life

As with most crimes that result in the death of an individual, a manslaughter conviction can come with steep penalties, including incarceration, large fines, and strict terms of probation.

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