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What is Probable Cause?

In order for a police officer to make an arrest or obtain a warrant to search someone’s home or make an arrest, he or she must first have probable cause. Many people believe probable cause can be based on suspicion or a “hunch,” but it actually has to be based on much more than that. In order to have probable cause to make an arrest and prosecute someone in criminal court, the officer must have some level of evidence.

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Categories of Probable Cause

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution grants every citizen the right to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures by establishing the need for probable cause. The following are four categories of probable cause:

  • Circumstantial Evidence – Evidence that does not prove the crime occurred, but rather indirectly suggests a crime occurred.
  • Observation – Includes any information the officer sees, smells, hears, or obtains with any of his or her other senses. Can also include witnessing suspicious behavior.
  • Obtaining information – This can include statements or any other information from witnesses.
  • Expertise – This is a fairly open category and includes any skills the police officer has developed from training or experience.

If an officer makes an arrest or obtains evidence without a warrant and probable cause, the evidence cannot be used in court.

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