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Program to GPS track those with restraining orders was limited

The plan to install a $3-million Global Positioning System (GPS) program to track those people who have been issued domestic abuse or harassment restraining orders, which Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposed would be covered by the state’s 2013-1015 budget, was met with a lackluster reception by Republicans on the Legislature’s budget committee, the Associated Press reported on September 16.

Wisconsin officials suggested instead $250,000 for program grants during the budget’s first year with a 50% match from the locals. Walker vetoed the match aspect.

Deputy Attorney General Kevin St. John, the Justice department’s second-in-command in the state after Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, told the state Legislature’s finance committee that the final budget language did not allow for judges to order a GPS tracking device on people subjected to restraining orders unless they violated said orders. St. John added that the current law in effect prohibits this program’s implementation.

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